The Inspiration

IMG_51201 a: the act or power of moving the intellect or emotions b: exceeding usual limits

As a couple, my wife, Sara, and I have always been committed to nurturing and supporting each other’s passions and ideals. For me, the goal has always been to make exceptional wines, which is something I have strived to do for almost 15 years now. Since university, Sara has aspired to make a difference by doing meaningful work, both in her community and around the world. When we were married, we made a promise to support these dreams in our vows.

In 2006, when a close friend became very ill, we made a special wine for her and her family. It was made with love and a sense of purpose, with the simple goal of bringing joy in a difficult time. It was our first bottling and the inspiration for Transcendence Wines. From this deeply personal starting point, we have expanded the mission of Transcendence Wines to support the important work of a handful of carefully chosen non-profit organizations. In this way, we try to make wines that make a difference.

At the same time, we know that our success in this endeavor will come from making great wines, not just having good intentions. As the winemaker for Transcendence Wines, I oversee every step of the wine making process, from the careful selection of our vineyard partners to the decision of when to pick. In the winery, each wine is gently made by my own hand, with an attention to the small details that elevate quality and honor the provenance of the outstanding fruit we are fortunate to work with. Whether it’s our Syrah made from Ballard Canyon grapes, or our Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from the Santa Rita Hills, these elegant and expressive cool-climate wines are rooted in the soils of Santa Barbara County where our family makes its home.

We invite you to discover Transcendence Wines.