The Idealists

Gummeres1 a: an artist who advocates or practices idealism b: a philosophical theory of idealism c: one guided by ideals

Kenneth “Joey” Gummere

I have been honing my craft as a Santa Barbara County winemaker since 1997. Working alongside some of the area’s most renowned vineyard managers and winemakers, I have gained an intimate understanding of this singular winegrowing region and its capacity to produce cool-climate wines of depth and distinction.

In 1999, I joined the team of Santa Barbara County winemaking legend, Bryan Babcock, at Babcock Winery & Vineyards. Working under Bryan, I developed a philosophical and stylistic appreciation for cool-climate wines, in particular the complex beauty that can be achieved in great Syrahs from this area. The following year, I founded my own winery, Kenneth-Crawford, in partnership with fellow winemaker Mark Horvath. My journey as a winemaker also took me to Santa Barbara Winery and Lafond Winery & Vineyards, where I had the great pleasure of learning from noted winemaker Bruce McGuire as his assistant winemaker.

Transcendence is the culmination of my experiences as a winemaker. Crafted in micro-lots and produced in limited quantities, these wines are deeply personal. Whether it is the aromatic, cool-climate complexity of Transcendence Syrah, the graceful sophistication of our Pinot Noir, or the focused crispness of our stainless steel fermented Chardonnay, these wines offer what I love most about these varietals. I hope that you enjoy them.

Sara Gummere

Some ideas form a thread throughout our lives. When I was at Berkeley earning my degree in peace and conflict studies I developed a thesis on transcendent communications. This idea of transcendent communications, and transcendence in general, stayed with me throughout the years. It helped to form the basis for the kind of work and purpose I aspired to in my life. It took me to Europe, where I put together symposiums on international conflict resolution, and to Asia, where I worked with the Japanese government on programs to help the people of Japan understand other cultures. Finally, it brought me back home, where I partnered with the Santa Barbara County court system to offer mediation programs outside the courts.

In the years since, I have been actively involved in several non-profit organizations, including Hope Through Opportunity, which helped send 40 foot container containing medical daily living supplies to Tanzania, the Fallbrook Healthcare Foundation, which offers support and healthcare services to seniors, and Project Transcend, an organization that works to empower and educate people living in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. As a part of a belief in living a life that balances family, non-profit work and business, I am also the founder of Transcend Resources, a consulting firm in the healthcare industry that specializes in Healthcare IT and services hospitals and consulting firms across the country.

As it is for Joey, Transcend Wines is also a culmination of my passions and life experiences—and the idea that our work can have meaning, and make a positive impact in lives.